Monday, August 14, 2006

urge: maybe I just will

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urge: reversible pouch!
urge: this evening Berkeley and I watched disc1 of "The Matrix DeZIONized"
urge: all-in-all, not bad
dbauler: what's the difference (besides the obvious)?
urge: a bit choppy at a few points, but I'm not too snobby
urge: well, just lots of fat chopped out
urge: the makers took the two sequels, chopped out the whole Zion thing and the four hour megabattle, edited the results into a single film
urge: they chopped out about 90mins total
dbauler: that's good thinking.
urge: I'll hold any final judgement until after we watch disc2, but the first part was satisfactorily unsucky
urge: yeah
dbauler: it has to be an improvement.
urge: yeah, well, I really did like the initial Matrix film
urge: and so wanted to like the sequels
urge: I pushed myself through the first sequel; but the last one was just too fucking much, no matter how hard I tried to shoehorn my skull into it
dbauler: i still haven't seen that third one. i just can't do it.
urge: yeah, probably best
urge: I watched the third one with some dim hope it might make the second one be okay
urge: also, do you think it's best to expect 'A Scanner Darkly' to suck ass?
urge: maybe I just will


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