Friday, August 25, 2006

So Annoying, But Perhaps a Little Serendipitous

rain: okay time for a good dose of reality
wonderama: you're so in the wrong place
rain: not everything is going to get done before i leave for the playa
wonderama: how did the glue thing go?
rain: oh its still going
rain: it took me a long time to seam one panel when i first started
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rain: however last night i streamlined my process such that in the time it took me to do one panel the night before last, i got 4 done last night
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rain: i have prioritized the things that need to get done prior to arriving on the playa and those things will certainly get done
rain: other stuff will get done while out there
rain: like making the scales

rain: but that part is more artistic and what better way to get chicks at burningman than to make them think youre artistic
wonderama: heh
rain: oh i mean what better place to be artistic
rain: again i have more of The Goddamned Glue (tm) than I can goddamned handle
bo: hey rain, weren't you gonna head to the playa this morning?
rain: uh i was, yeah, however, when i went to confirm my status on the early arrival list, disko said i wasnt on it, that the list was closed and that he didnt even have me down as having completed a ranger training
rain: which i did and had riffraff and zeitgeist confirm with disko
rain: i then pointed out that my first ranger shift was when the gate open and how w
as i supposed to ranger when the gate opens if i wasnth allowed in til the gate opens
rain: told him feline had told me i was on the early entrance list and asked if i wasnt on it can it be reopened so i could be added and if not did he want me to cancel my first ranger shift
rain: and his reply was to leave for the playa without a word to me rain: i am not sure i will ranger again after this year

rain: i had zeitgeist track down disko once he got to the playa, and i could have been put back on the list (or on it for the first time? not sure) however,my friend sarah who i also got on to the early list originally would not have been able to be put back on it
rain: so i decided you know, i am not going to fight or spend money on a hotel room in reno just to be able to volunteer even more of my time than i will rangering
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rain: and me and sarah decided we would just go in when the gates open like everybody elss
rain: maybe next year i will just ranger a burn shift and try to see if any part of dpw is fun
rain: i am sortof pissed but not that pissed since i wasnt and still am not ready to go
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bo: so annoying, but perhaps a little serendipitous
rain: yeah no doubt


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