Monday, August 14, 2006

^smuggie: had a WEIRD laugh

elf: given that iran has already stated that they would use hizbollah against israel if their nuclear program was threatened, as previously stated.
elf: more or less, earth.
earth: so it is all just whatever you think out the outset
earth: ok, this conversation is done.
earth: thanks for playing

elf: no, im saying theres no way to tell in the long run until its all played out.
elf: which hopefully it will be soon.
earth: all?
earth: right, but if not "soon"
elf: well, until theres a lasting peace.
elf: it is what we pray for every day, isnt it?
earth: right, and if there's no lasting peace...
elf: then all of everyones lives are meaningless to begin with. :)
elf: thats quasicynical, for those unable to tell.
earth: Israel didn't have to make a war out of this, you must see that.
elf: what choice did it have?
earth: they could have taken a vacation in Cypress.
elf: who could have?
earth: everyone!
elf: amusing, but not amusing enough.
earth: the cabinet could have dissolved the government and given itself over to Jordan.
elf: hizbollah crossed an international border. invaded another country. bombed the fuck out of it.
earth: hey, they had notice that Hezbollah didn't like them.
earth: they didn't "bomb the fuck out of it" until the war started.
elf: well, israel followed their end of 1599.
elf: actually, they started bombing the fuck out of it before israel started bombing them, but whatever.
elf: there was clear causus belli 1500X over.
earth: again, I don't want you to think there's anyone here arguing that Hezbollah is reasonable. that cannot be the benchmark for goodness.
elf: what is the benchmark for goodness?
db: puppies!
earth: puppies are ok.

elf: is allowing your own people to be threatened and killed without reason or provocation good?
elf: or reasonable, for that matter?
earth: I think that's a good question. Threatened.. well, maybe. I think clearly "restraint" is a virtue, whatever that means.
elf: hizbollah crossed an international border, without provocation, to kill people.
earth: right, bad folks.
elf: and then started sending mortars at cities.
elf: well, rockets. not mortars. slightly worse.
elf: more than slightly, cause israeli construction is such that its usually mortar resistant.
elf: but thats irrelevant.
elf: is it reasonable or good in any way to allow your citizens to be indiscriminately attacked without provocation?
db: obviously!
earth: yes, clearly.
elf: israel has actually had a very peaceful border with lebanon for around 10 years.
elf: until this.
elf: i mean, i even visited the border when i was there. its actually a nice area. has good trees.
elf: the lebanese were very nice to us.
elf shrugs.
elf: you should sit in on israeli-lebanese chats sometime.
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elf: yay, caret!
earth: I very much hope that Lebanon is able to take control of its borders.
^smuggie: i knew a lebanese woman who converted to xianity and was absolutely two faced manipulative had bats loose in the attic
elf: so does israel.
earth: I hope that Israel is successful in getting that to happen
elf: desparately.
elf: israel wants more than anything for lebanon to control lebanon.
^smuggie: black hair
earth: right, but the issue is not whether that's a good idea, but instead whether this bombing is likely to make that happen.
elf: all of the analysis articles in jpost talk about this.
^smuggie: came to work with paint in her hair one day
earth: hopefully it will
^smuggie: little specks of paint
elf: well, with hizbollah's political base weakened, people in lebanon have been more outspoken against hizbollah.
elf: so thats already a good thing.
^smuggie: had a WEIRD laugh


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