Monday, August 14, 2006

--> [s] there are meteor showers tonight?

--> [s] there are meteor showers tonight?
*[s]* give me time to think about that
*[s]* perseid tonight
*[s]* all week, this is one of the peak nights

gyesika: and dennis leary is starting to piss me off.
gyesika: he's gone soft
*** [smuggie] ( has joined channel #leri
*[s]* i dunno if its different for you, but here it comes from the northeast
--> [s] have you been viligently checking? (Persids)
*[s]* which makes sense since thats where perseus is
*[s]* no
*[s]* i should go look
--> [s] yes they come from the east
*[s]* northeast
--> [s] there are tons of satellites now also
--> [s] tons, virtually
benson: I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of a shatner roast
[smuggie]: link tv has some decent brazilian pop
*** [smuggie] is now known as smuggie
gyesika: me too, benson
smuggie: roast captain kirk?
gyesika: we went to ta brazilian cafe this morning near our house.

*[s]* litterally!
*[s]* ill be taking them out eventually
gyesika: they had brazilian grocercies, movies and music
gyesika: some of it looked good
*[s]* you know, i have a lot less hope to go to mars successefully than i used to
gyesika: but the cd with the dude with a rainbow wig scared me
*[s]* see the problem is that even if i get the engine working...
smuggie: sort of a fast calypso drum background on some of it
*[s]* if i can do that, someone else will
stevie: I'm kind of curious about their guarana soda
*[s]* so the only thing i could do is hope to get enough people there to form a government and colonies to get as large as possible quickly enough so that the earth powers coudlnt overthrow us easily
*[s]* and that aint gonna happen
*[s]* cause then id have to just open the flood gates and let just anyone in
*[s]* and i was planning on doing heavy psych screening
--> [s] you are so sure of this?
*[s]* what?
smuggie: the soccer motif pops up now and then on the brazilian 'chant 'rock' '
*[s]* that earth wont let its children go that easily?
*[s]* yea
--> [s] not being able to get the engine working...
*[s]* oh, well i dont spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it
*[s]* but i have a viable plan to test it
--> [s] of course, there is the morphic field you must be aware of
*[s]* morphic field?
*[s]* im sure the concept for hte engine will work
gyesika: i don't know what a "guarana" is but I think I had an "experimental experiance" with one in college (her name was Amanda).
*[s]* whether i can make it or not is a problem
smuggie: its a natural source of caffeine, is likely
gyesika: not the guarana but who it was attached to
*[s]* and whether it can be made by anyone in an efficient enough form to be usefull is another question.
--> [s] yes, you must be aware of the morphic field, especially when setting up a colonhy
*[s]* the physical principle for how the engine works is sound
*[s]* group dynamics and evolution?
smuggie: so is it worth learning spanish
--> [s] yuppers
*[s]* its not going to be a free colony
smuggie: so you can read all that esoteric spanish literature
*[s]* i plan on doing heavy psych screening
stevie: portuguese
gyesika: pourtugese
stevie: jinx!
gyesika: and they have classes at the cafe
*[s]* and if i can get away with it, first gen people wont raise their own kids
smuggie: why portuguese
stevie: buy me a watermelon screwdriver!
gyesika: we're joined at the fucking brain, stevie, jinx isn't an option any more
gyesika: heh
*[s]* that way we can eliminate people bringing their own cultures with them
gyesika: i did, dude
smuggie: oh thats the brazilian language
gyesika: the portus colonized brazil

*[s]* kind of a kibutz type schooling system with the emphasis based on producing a uniform mentality culture out of the mish mash of immigrants
*[s]* then the first or second geners can raise their own kids
*[s]* as they will have no memory of earth
--> [s] why not just brainwash?
*[s]* duh, i think i just said that
*[s]* and
*[s]* there is a difference slightly
--> [s] avoid a lot of problems
*[s]* well the similarities are close but there are some crucial differences
smuggie: very few portuguese people are moving here though
*[s]* and
gyesika: you had the clean glass when we came home
--> [s] you said "psych screening"
*[s]* when you can accurately explain two or three things to me
*[s]* yea
*[s]* psych screening
gyesika: in the freezer


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