Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Poor Rain

rain: owie owie owie owie owie rain: ow goddamnit ow

  1. rain: fucking ow

stalkwrk: ?!
rain: i stubbed my toe
rain: it stopped hurting
stalkwrk: that is good
rain: yer tellin me
otter: my neighbor died from a stubbed toe, got a staph infection rain: um
rain: i somehow doubt the same will happen to me
otter: i doubt it also
wonderama: cut it off
wonderama: just to be sure
otter: it's the open wound that does it
otter: like cutting a hole out of a blanket
rain: wonderama, will do otter: where do you stop? rain: can i shower first?

jonnyfive: and eat it to hide the evidence

  1. otter: cook it well

rain: so i am at least cutting off a clean toe
wonderama: that's probably a good idea

jonnyfive: yeah you want to kill the infection, so I recommend deep frying

rain: cool
wonderama: when in doubt, amputate
wonderama: that's what i always say
rain: that's a pretty solid game plan
wonderama: i think so
jonnyfive: works for gonnorrhea too, boys


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