Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jonnyfive: Its *Always* Bowl Smokin Time!

gyesika: hey, if you barf as i much i do, you get proud of not making a mess at work
gyesika: just sayin'
gyesika: i think it's funny that stain remover commercials casually mention "blood"
gyesika: like we don't know that they're talking about shhhhhh menstrual blood
yara: or say that time i sliced open my finger in the kitchen and got it all over my white t-shirt
yara: shh! abby's a klutz & needs stain remover!
rain: or like when you slaughter that family of 5 with a hunting knife, then realize afterwards you did so in your only nice shirt
gyesika: you know we're talking about that only women have
yara: i hate when that happens, barb. brains are so hard to get out!
yara: there's an audiobook of james earl jones reading the bible
rain: yeah no kidding
rain: you gotta get it before it sets too
rain: and before the cops come a knockin on your door

yara: now, while i'm not much of a bible fan, i would think that james earl jones reading it would scare the crap out of me
benson: I just rub a couple pages of the bible on the stain. removes brains fast!
rain: god is better than oxyclean!
benson: he's orthodoxyclean!
jonnyfive: heh does he say: "jesus, I *am* your fah-thuh"

jonnyfive: heh
benson: President Ford hospitalized for third time this year
gyesika: i would take some james earl jones to clean out my faith, rowr
benson: that's weird, I just realized last night I wasn't sure if he was alive or dead
benson: German authorities watching Madonna
GuruStu: It's good someone is.
jonnyfive: heh

rain: i wonder if it's bowl smokin time
gyesika: it's time for me to smoke a bowl and explore my faith
jonnyfive: its *always* bowl smokin time!


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