Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Informative headline: Man hit in head by train is dead

august: i wondered if he survived or not
bnsnwork: The railroad workers said it appeared that Dodd had his head on the rail, using it as a pillow.
bnsnwork: In November 1999, Dodd fell asleep on railroad tracks just north of 19th Street and North Grand Avenue and was hit by a Norfolk Southern train. Police said he was sleeping with his legs across the tracks and that the train pushed him to the side when it hit him. He suffered a compound fracture to one leg and a cut to the other.
bnsnwork: Three other local residents have been injured by trains in just over a week.
august: to lay me down
august: once more
bnsnwork: http://www.sj-r.com/sections/news/stories/93369.asp
bnsnwork: On the 17th May 2006 we received a letter from legal representatives of Viacom International Inc. advising us that they consider the use of 'Pimp My Snack' to be a breach of their trademark application number E4279493 which covers usage of the words 'Pimp My', and also E3992724 for 'Pimp My Ride'.
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[eg]_: Williamson said there is no rhyme or reason to the recent rash of incidents involving trains and pedestrians.
[eg]_: yes there is. the people are idiots.

Steve Pham hated Cheerios because they never give out toy prizes.


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