Monday, August 14, 2006

Hankwk: yeah, nancy, it works out ;]

bnsnwork: JUSTICE Minister Cathy Jamieson today announced a ban on the sale of swords as part of moves to crackdown on violent crime.
bnsnwork: Tougher restrictions over the sale of non-domestic knives are also to be introduced as part of the Scottish Executive's plan to combat knife culture, ust weeks after a nationwide amnesty saw almost 13,000 knives and other weapons surrendered across Scotland.

{Nn} high fives hank
{Nn}: in my case it's just genetic destiny. my dad was born in the midwest, my mother's a southern gal
hankwk: where are you from?
{Nn}: born in virginia, raised there, n. carolina, kentucky and texas
{Nn}: my adult life's been in new york and washington state
hankwk: where in virginia?
{Nn}: portsmouth
{Nn}: the tidewater area, generally
hankwk: ah
{Nn}: southeastern VA
hankwk: a little blue blood
{Nn}: heh
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