Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Further Proof There Is No God

Dear Ben

I couldn't figure out this tribe thing how to post private so I hope nowun else reads this.

So like, I think it is stupid that you have this anti bruning man tribe, BENNY DEAR. Ur kinda hawt though. So like I will ResP3ct yoo. But this must be put to an end. We Burners are true to our nature. We like the playa and the playa likes us and we like to get nekked in the alkaline dust, rub our parts in it and screw eachother while munching LSD. And that is bad why exactly?!?!! Omfg lol. Reckless hedonism is not bad, geesus. Screw community work, I hate local people here, cuz they like don't know shit about our ways.

I think you don't like understand how deep we go, what you can't fathom you resent. I think you anti burners tribe members are evildoers. Us burning manners got depth and trueness. So there. And don't bother calling me a troll, cuz I aint. So you know. I'd still like to date you though.

P.S. I don't like your bad attitude towards pitbulls, they got feelings too.

To be continued...


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