Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fuck The Post Office!


Kalki: they THREW a box that said FRAGILE on it against our garage

Kalki: and what's in it shattered to pieces

Kalki: I will seriously be bitching at someone tomorrow in person

bo wanders off to replace m/c throttle tube

Kalki: i was in such a good mood until the postal chick broke my package, and my mom called *grilling* me where I have been for the past hour "because she was calling me". gyesika: my mother called me 6 times at 1:30 in the morning the other day gyesika: because she was divorcing my father. gyesika: again. gyesika: and got pissed the next day because I didn't anwer. gyesika: wtf?
Kalki: i talk to her every day. I talked to her this morning when she woke me up this morning to tell me about Good Morning America
Kalki: and then she calls when she's on her way home from work. every. day.
Kalki: and if I dont answer, she calls back like every 15-30 min
Kalki: until I do
[hank]: she needs a rolled-up newspaper on the nose
Kalki: and then when I answer the *first* words out of her mouth are "where were you? I've been calling you!"
[hank]: NO! [hank]: NO! Kalki: no shit hank [hank]: you can train her Kalki: that sounds like the best idea all day [hank]: it is up to you Kalki: i've tried
gyesika: i talk to my mother every day but I set the time limit and when. Kalki: and it usually works for awhile, then it's back to this again [hank]: be tough gyesika: if it's been a few days she'll call but the other night was the first time she got wierd about it\ [hank]: and consistent Kalki: it would be *so* much better if she just wouldnt ask me "where were you?" Kalki: I could deal with the rest. gyesika: i have a suggestion for tha gyesika: t gyesika: next time she asks say something like "Doing coke and hookers." Kalki: but to be asked like I'm 15 again coming in past cerfew is Hella Annoying. Kalki: haha

gyesika: alternate as the mood strikes you
Kalki: I've tried that. My mom is big on "humor" in general
gyesika: "Doing altar boys and Hash"
Kalki: i dont think she'd get it
[GSWork]: Jess.
[GSWork]: "coke and hookers"?
[GSWork]: It's "hookers and blow".
gyesika: i always get shit like that mixed up.
Kalki: i love her, and she is my only family and I hers. So I understand. But somedays it's just too much.
gyesika: and I didn't know what a "cracker" was until I was 22
[hank]: <<


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