Friday, August 18, 2006

August Is Back

Peregrine: i drank an entire bottle of wine
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{Nn} shoulda stopped by the store and bought popsicles
liqui5: i need to buy more too
liqui5: the frappuccino ones from the dollar store
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^^august: high
^^august: everyone
liqui5: ho
liqui5: hi

^^august: hey cathy
{Nn}: me, not so much
{Nn}: :)
^^august: danny
^^august: nancy
^^august: well at least you're smiling ;)
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^^august: i've been getting high last few days
^^august: for a change

^^august: remember like you remember me when ya first chatted?
^^august: i was always caretted
^^august: caretted?
^^august: lol
^^august: only leris would know that term
^^august: i may stop getting high for a long time soon
^^august: so why not go for broke
^^august: anyone got any high i can borrow?
^^august: :D
liqui5: so many things to get high from
liqui5: aw, i forgot to get oxygen from my grandma
liqui5: i was gonna use her machine last time i was over there
^^august: love is like .. oxygen
^^august: the more ya get, ya get too high
^^august: not enough and you
{Nn}: not enough
^^august: re
{Nn}: and you're gonna die
^^august: gonna die :(
liqui5: i dont mind being too high from love
^^august: i used to hyperventilate just for a buzz
^^august: i think that was aroun 9 yrs old
liqui5: i used to faint myself a lot in middleschool
^^august: now i just hyperventilate after long periods of sex
liqui5: probably about 12 years old
Peagreen: i have never done that
liqui5: oxygen masks while having sex would be nice
Peagreen: hyperventilate and actually get high
^^august: oh way back in the old days when i'd be greedy and snort a few more lines than i really should have of cocaine
^^august: i'd hyperventilate
{Nn}: ew creepy
^^august: yeah well
liqui5: fainting was a pertty awesome experience
liqui5: i'd dream every time
^^august: i've outgrown snorting cocaine
^^august: now i just mainline
liqui5: and have weird out-of-time episodes
^^august: lol
{Nn}: oxygen masks during sex i mean
^^august: j/k!
^^august: done that ONCE
Peagreen: nitrous and sex?
^^august: i'll be honest
^^august: mmmm never done nitrous and sex
^^august: at the same time
{Nn}: and on that note i slumber
liqui5: i just wanna try oxygen i heard it feels good
liqui5: goodnight
urge: we used to do the make-each-other-pass-out thing in about fourth grade, liqui5
liqui5: ya, i always did it to myself
urge: sometimes it was very weird
urge: well, it was always weird
liqui5: i probably fainted about 200 times
liqui5: ya, totally
urge: but sometimes it was really something else
liqui5: you'd wake up with these weird mixed emotions
urge: yeah
urge: that moment of not knowing where you were or what the hell was going on
liqui5: ya
otter: mini brain death
urge: and really you'd only been unconscious for a few seconds
^^august: yeah when i was 12 or so
^^august: just started smoking cannabis
^^august: we would inhale 10 deeeeeep breaths
^^august: take a toke on the last
urge: elevator hits!
^^august: and someone would squeeze our chest from behind
urge: actually, we called it 'elevator shotgun hits'
^^august: and most would hit the ground for a minute or so
liqui5: i fainted myself the first time i got high on cannabis
urge: because we'd have someone shotgun us a hit after the hyperventillating part
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^^august: y
^^august: then i started thinking
^^august: hey
^^august: did i have fun?/
^^august: hell I can't remember!
^^august: i would just wake up on the ground
^^august: duh
urge: yeah, that particular behaviour would quickly burn us out
^^august: but at least i was still stoned
^^august: yeah didn't need all that to get the same stoned
^^august: beyond the first two minutes i mean
^^august: lol
^^august: i dunno
^^august: back then cannabis was
^^august: more psychedelic
^^august: honestly!
Peagreen: did any of you have that thing when you first smoked cannibis
Peagreen: where you didnt get high
^^august: when "indicas" started coming around
urge: well, that comes with more infrequent use, august
Peagreen: until 1 to a few times
^^august: and then all the pot wasnt from colombia anymore
^^august: no really urge
urge: yeah, Pea
^^august: that colombian gold and redbud
liqui5: i got high the first time
^^august: it was more magical
urge: okay, aug
^^august: the skunk got me more FUCKED up
^^august: but it wasn't nearly as 'cereberal'
^^august: i used to mildly hallucinate and not so mildly when eyes closed
^^august: from that colombian weed
^^august: vibrant
^^august: things "radiated" with energy
urge: I suspect it's more related to brain chemistry, age, set/setting, etc
Peagreen: igot high the seond time
^^august: i've always wondered
^^august: urge
urge: I was trying to get my parents to explain to me how I'd know when it hit me
^^august: but i've smoked some "afghanistan" weed
urge: and then it hit me
liqui5: my friend took 4.5 grams of potent cubensis and said it didnt affect him
^^august: around 1990
liqui5: while the rest of us had a pretty powerful experience
^^august: and it was like 1979 all over again
urge: well, I know there are different effects from different strains
^^august: that psychedelic aspect was there
urge: yeah, see, I started right around 79 as wel

urge: l
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liqui5: there goes the internet
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^^august: hmm
^^august: lately sometimes i get disconnected out of the blue
^^august: and have to wait a while to get back
^^august: :(
^^august: maybe someone is kicking me?
^^august: that's pretty cool r.ginn
otter: neat idea
urge: nah, aug, there's netwide probs this evening
^^august: happened yesterday same way
urge: you got Comcast?
^^august: no
urge: seems like comcast's been having DNS issues for a couple weeks
^^august: maybe i ping through them at some point
^^august: well not ping
^^august: route
^^august: (the carets are real, so please forgive)
urge: forgive?
^^august: my caret generated errors
^^august: ;)
^^august: like ping in leiu of route
^^august: <<<< acct="104&STORY=" edate="">


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