Wednesday, August 30, 2006

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Saturday, August 26, 2006

10 Reasons

Reason #1: Playa Dust

Reason #2: Cutesy Wootsey Artsy Fartsy

We are part of a registered theme that will be located at about 7:30 Eager with huge shade structure. There will be about 35 people in our camp. We are an intelligent and fun camp of 20 - 30 somethings, diverse group
mostly straight, like to make jokes

Reason #3: It Is A Shit Magnet

Reply to:
Date: 2006-08-25, 5:05PM PDT
Hi! are you a pilot? Going to burning man? 4th time burner seeking round trip air transport from Bay Area to Black rock city. Will generously assist with associated fuel and maintenance cost to travel there. If you are going already, its win/win. Can leave Wednesday or Thursday from bay area. Would like to return Sunday or Monday No worries... I'm traveling light this year. Let's talk! Thanks!

Reason #4: It's in FUCKING NEVADA

Reason #5: It Is A Shit Magnet
Reply to: Date: 2006-08-26, 7:37AM PDT
This is not your $50.00 throwaway thrash bike that will guarantee to break and fall apart out there.....this is a nice beach style cruiser that will not only last this weekend , but the next and the next BM episodes. It's in excellent condition for $150 OBO / you're gonna spend that much in decorations anyway, you can have that peace of mind that it will carry you thruout the event without any breakage, flats, and pieces dropping apart as you ride during the super hot, windy days and cooler dried nites for.. H20, for exploration, and even for emergencies...does that make sense at all B'ers, why spend $20-50 for someone's fixer uppers to have it die out there before you even began.....It will be gone fast before this Sunday.

Reason #6: I Have Had It With Cutesy Wootsey Artsy Fucktards

Reason #7: It's A Waste
I thought, "Why not? What could a few days in the desert hurt?"
How about my wallet for starters?

A last-minute ticket costs a whopping $350. Tack on to that an extra $150 in supplies. Now factor in that I borrowed half the actual camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, mini stove) and you have an idea of what this little experiment in "non-corporate living" really costs. As I stood outside Black Rock City waiting to buy my ticket for "Dirt Fest 2004," I was approached by my first burner of the trip. He offered me a ticket stub for less than half the price of the ticket I was about to buy. When I turned him down, he gave me a 20-minute lecture on how people need to learn to trust each other. It's not that I don't trust all people, I just don't trust people who don't have enough sense to comb whatever they just ate out of their beard. When I entered the city, I quickly found an empty area and set up camp. I had worn sandals on the drive out and a neighbor quickly ran up to introduce himself and offer advice on foot care to prevent "playa foot."

Reason #8: Charging To Enjoy BLM Land
Burning Man is "an alternative to mass culture and consumer society" whose anti-consumerist message is "an ingrained ethic that is inherent in all aspects of the event." Except its promotion of course. Tickets cost $225.00 in American consumer-society dollars for access to our public desert, and do not include food, water, or shelter. (see
Do yourself a favor. If you ever get the chance to go to Burning Man just stay home, sit in direct sunlight for a few hours while listening to The Grateful Dead, have a friend throw dirt on you and then flog you. Cap off the night by burning a twig and dancing around it to techno and you will have experienced all that Burning Man has to offer.

Reason #9: It Is A Major Shit Magnet
Mmmm, nothing says breakfast on the playa like chips and salsa while watching a naked guy wash his perineum.
If that wasn't enough, no morning was complete without a visit from the water truck. Sent around with non-potable water to pack the dust down, it was like a burner ice cream truck. It rumbled down the street dispensing its murky water and within seconds burners all over dropped their Frisbees and pipes and stripped naked.
Ever seen a 300-pound woman pole dance? Ever seen a 50-year-old man with an erection get spanked by a ping-pong paddle? Ever seen a pregnant woman with a Star of David on her stomach make out with a chick dressed like a vampire? Ever fallen asleep and then woken up to the same techno song? No? Never? Because I have. "Well, it's an experience." Yeah, so is slamming my face in a car door. "It's one of those things you just have to try for yourself." Really? You sure about that? Because I was pretty sure I could go my whole life without getting a sunburn and frostbite in the same day. Much like burners themselves, this festival really has nothing to offer the world other than useless "peace, love, be cool" rhetoric. If I wanted that, I could go to Blockbuster and rent "Woodstock."

Reason #10: Playa Dust
I'm happy to say I did not get playa foot while I was there. I am unhappy to say that I did get playa everything else.
Playa hand? Check.
Playa hair? Check.
Playa eyes? Check.
Playa genitals? Double check.
I have four days worth of clothes that look like I pulled them from quicksand. By Sunday, I looked like Pig Pen from Peanuts: just a swirling dust cloud with a Bud Light in hand. And the worst part was that I was probably the cleanest person there. Burners have somehow come up with new ways to get dirty. If you think a burner is dirty while they are in civilization, just try and imagine the filthiness of one that has been living in the desert for a week without access to a shower. Imagine the dirtiest person you've ever seen. Now multiply their dirtiness by ten. Now cover that new person in dirt. That person would still be grossed out by some of the people I saw.

It's no more adventurous than camping in your back yard with a Halloween mask on.

Friday, August 25, 2006

So Annoying, But Perhaps a Little Serendipitous

rain: okay time for a good dose of reality
wonderama: you're so in the wrong place
rain: not everything is going to get done before i leave for the playa
wonderama: how did the glue thing go?
rain: oh its still going
rain: it took me a long time to seam one panel when i first started
*** Signoff: tonx_ (Read error: Connection timed out)

rain: however last night i streamlined my process such that in the time it took me to do one panel the night before last, i got 4 done last night
*** peregrine ( has joined channel #leri
rain: i have prioritized the things that need to get done prior to arriving on the playa and those things will certainly get done
rain: other stuff will get done while out there
rain: like making the scales

rain: but that part is more artistic and what better way to get chicks at burningman than to make them think youre artistic
wonderama: heh
rain: oh i mean what better place to be artistic
rain: again i have more of The Goddamned Glue (tm) than I can goddamned handle
bo: hey rain, weren't you gonna head to the playa this morning?
rain: uh i was, yeah, however, when i went to confirm my status on the early arrival list, disko said i wasnt on it, that the list was closed and that he didnt even have me down as having completed a ranger training
rain: which i did and had riffraff and zeitgeist confirm with disko
rain: i then pointed out that my first ranger shift was when the gate open and how w
as i supposed to ranger when the gate opens if i wasnth allowed in til the gate opens
rain: told him feline had told me i was on the early entrance list and asked if i wasnt on it can it be reopened so i could be added and if not did he want me to cancel my first ranger shift
rain: and his reply was to leave for the playa without a word to me rain: i am not sure i will ranger again after this year

rain: i had zeitgeist track down disko once he got to the playa, and i could have been put back on the list (or on it for the first time? not sure) however,my friend sarah who i also got on to the early list originally would not have been able to be put back on it
rain: so i decided you know, i am not going to fight or spend money on a hotel room in reno just to be able to volunteer even more of my time than i will rangering
*** Peagreen ( has joined channel #leri
rain: and me and sarah decided we would just go in when the gates open like everybody elss
rain: maybe next year i will just ranger a burn shift and try to see if any part of dpw is fun
rain: i am sortof pissed but not that pissed since i wasnt and still am not ready to go
*** Signoff: peregrine (Read error: Connection timed out)
*** Signoff: Peagreen (Read error: Connection timed out)
bo: so annoying, but perhaps a little serendipitous
rain: yeah no doubt

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Fuck The Post Office!


Kalki: they THREW a box that said FRAGILE on it against our garage

Kalki: and what's in it shattered to pieces

Kalki: I will seriously be bitching at someone tomorrow in person

bo wanders off to replace m/c throttle tube

Kalki: i was in such a good mood until the postal chick broke my package, and my mom called *grilling* me where I have been for the past hour "because she was calling me". gyesika: my mother called me 6 times at 1:30 in the morning the other day gyesika: because she was divorcing my father. gyesika: again. gyesika: and got pissed the next day because I didn't anwer. gyesika: wtf?
Kalki: i talk to her every day. I talked to her this morning when she woke me up this morning to tell me about Good Morning America
Kalki: and then she calls when she's on her way home from work. every. day.
Kalki: and if I dont answer, she calls back like every 15-30 min
Kalki: until I do
[hank]: she needs a rolled-up newspaper on the nose
Kalki: and then when I answer the *first* words out of her mouth are "where were you? I've been calling you!"
[hank]: NO! [hank]: NO! Kalki: no shit hank [hank]: you can train her Kalki: that sounds like the best idea all day [hank]: it is up to you Kalki: i've tried
gyesika: i talk to my mother every day but I set the time limit and when. Kalki: and it usually works for awhile, then it's back to this again [hank]: be tough gyesika: if it's been a few days she'll call but the other night was the first time she got wierd about it\ [hank]: and consistent Kalki: it would be *so* much better if she just wouldnt ask me "where were you?" Kalki: I could deal with the rest. gyesika: i have a suggestion for tha gyesika: t gyesika: next time she asks say something like "Doing coke and hookers." Kalki: but to be asked like I'm 15 again coming in past cerfew is Hella Annoying. Kalki: haha

gyesika: alternate as the mood strikes you
Kalki: I've tried that. My mom is big on "humor" in general
gyesika: "Doing altar boys and Hash"
Kalki: i dont think she'd get it
[GSWork]: Jess.
[GSWork]: "coke and hookers"?
[GSWork]: It's "hookers and blow".
gyesika: i always get shit like that mixed up.
Kalki: i love her, and she is my only family and I hers. So I understand. But somedays it's just too much.
gyesika: and I didn't know what a "cracker" was until I was 22
[hank]: <<

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Don't Bother With The Shit

I actually attended from 94 to 2,000....was a co founder of Radio Free Burning man in 94,and spent my last two years as a DPW paid monkey,a good 2-3 months of my time each of the last two,ummmmm,yeah,I am not that uninformed on what the event was,is,or could be.

1994,2,000 people...nice little community,cool art,elitism and yahhoism not really a factor yet......doing pirate radio was a blast...had a lot of fun that year,and even the next...when its size doubled,but it still had that chaotic freeform feel,and rave camp was a single entity far away ,out of sight,out of mind.

96...hell year...the freeform feeling starting to get a little out of control as more yahoos and general idiocy reared their collective ugly heads....and then.... the main playa,I actually enjoyed this year,we made a nuisance of ourselves by alienting most of our neighbors with general bullhorn antics(this was before bullhorns proliferated like peirced body parts and rave camps)....this was also the first year streets and a main esplanade were in effect...which took a little of the spontanaity out of the equation.....

...98....not a terrible year,except for the fact that as soon as we got our stage erected for musicians and such to perfom on,a throng arrived next door and within two hours had a huge tarped rave camp up and thumping ...drowning out most everything we attempted....this was the year rave camps popped up like 7 11s or starbucks on seemingly every corner...making it all but inmpossible to escape the mindless drone of the beat...the beat...harder faster,louder faster...the beat.....

99...not sure why,but ended up joining dpw in late july or so...had a blast setting up and such...but the worst time for me was the week of the actual event...and then came back for one last hurrah,but by then,I realized how much time burning man had sucked out of my life at that point...Radio Free Burning Man at this point had started to resemble a commercial version of pirate radio,and I no longer felt kindred to my own creation...the scales seemed to tip more to the ravey side of things,and I was now just contributing time and sweat instead of creativity to the event...not to mention my sanity went on a downhill slide near the end of that last year....

Would I ever go back?Highly doubtful....Do I sound like a griping old timer who insists "It was better when...."You betcha..and I make no apologies for that.

It did once hold a certain charm for me,but now it has become a money generating monolithic party...and I do know Larry Harvey and several of the other "oldsters" personally...some still basking in it,and others since fallen by the wayside....anyhow......

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Rules For Living In The Apartment Above Me

Thanks to the "Bonus Gravity" provided by my landlords, whoever moves in above me will weigh approximately nine times their normal weight. To remind me that you got the "Bonus Gravity" deal, please make sure to stomp your huge, ham-filled feet every step you take. If I cannot track your current location to within a centimeter, you aren't doing your job.

When not watching television, you should take it off the TV stand and face it, screen down, at the floor. Make sure to turn the volume up as loud as possible. If I cannot hear what lesson Kimmy Gibbler learned today on "Full House", I will petition for your eviction.

The best time for your idiot friends to come over is between 2:00 and 8:00 am or whenever I'm sleeping. Once you see my lights turn off, make sure your crazy pal Eddie is on his way over with that DVD of "The World's Largest Explosions - Caught on Film!"

All of your phones must have their ringer hooked up to a bass guitar amplifier. This way, when your phone rings for the 10,000th consecutive time without you picking it up, I will realize you must've accidentally tripped over and broke your 1500-pound skull on the coffee table and I should probably alert the proper authorities.

Taking a shower at 3:00 am is perfectly acceptable. Since my apartment is lined with hundreds of different pipes which carry water to approximately 17 different countries, make sure to urge your friends to take showers at the same time.

Every day at 8:00 pm, you should drop something large and heavy such as:
-A refrigerator
-A wheelbarrow full of lead and concrete
-A month's collection of all the Slim Jims and yahoo you consume
-The entire world

If you don't have access to any of those items, then just trip and fall over. Try to at least be holding some cinder blocks while doing so.

When speaking to a friend who has come over to visit and toss bowling balls around your apartment, make sure to use a megaphone whenever laughing at something he says. This way I'll know your friend is a very funny and witty man (who cannot catch bowling balls).

The "bass" knob on your stereo stands for "Better Acoustic Sounding Songs" and should be cranked up as loud as possible to reflect quality. Try to listen only to rap, techno, and anything which features a kick drum the size of a delivery van. If the song has lyrics, you should turn the bass up so high that it sounds like the the singer is repeatedly chanting, "mwog bbblrrgm gwaf."

Don't ever leave your apartment. Ever. Ypsilanti air is known for its trace amounts of cyanide floating around in it, so it's safer for you to simply hibernate in there for the next nine years.

Much like in exciting video games, hitting surrounding objects with a hammer may reveal magic prizes hidden inside. Smack everything you can find with a hammer or large wooden board. Then smack the wooden board with a hammer because, who knows, it might be a trick.

When the power in the entire block goes out at 10:00 PM and you notice everybody else's lights are off, be sure to shout, "DID THE POWER GO OFF?!?" out your window. There could be a family a few miles away that still has power, in which case you could go over to their house and borrow a cup of electricity so you may operate the jackhammer you've got going in your kitchen.

Exploring Faith

Due to my weight and a crazy resistance to drugs, I either have to smoke a lot of it or wait a bit to get a good stone on. The first sign, then, that this was not my usual trip was the fact that it did not come on slow. Fast, hard, hitting me like a fireball. I go through a brief period of paranoia when I get stoned, and that passed far too quickly. And then, past the usual things that constitute a good stone for me, I could lay back and see the half-formed, newborn dreams that scream and screech constantly in the back of every human mind.

I could open my mouth and just speak, speak to the air and the ceiling and the winter and spin tales of incredible complexity and power, emotion, plot, talk and talk until my voice died, as my mind never would. This was the wellspring of imagination, and right then I felt a Muse on my shoulder, felt like I had been taken to a semi-mythological place where I could weave world from slips of imagination.

Friday, August 18, 2006


Reply to:
Date: 2006-08-25, 2:12PM PDT


Levi's Jean Jacket sz large, Unisex way cool, Yak fur fun, Polar fleese glowy vests
Lady's Esprit Platform boots size 6
Dark angel accessories, amazing Peacock Performance Wrapper
Last chance if your Burning to go glow before the Man...

Uniform Resource Locators

August Is Back

Peregrine: i drank an entire bottle of wine
*** Signoff: kat (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
{Nn} shoulda stopped by the store and bought popsicles
liqui5: i need to buy more too
liqui5: the frappuccino ones from the dollar store
*** Peagreen ( has joined channel #leri
^^august: high
^^august: everyone
liqui5: ho
liqui5: hi

^^august: hey cathy
{Nn}: me, not so much
{Nn}: :)
^^august: danny
^^august: nancy
^^august: well at least you're smiling ;)
*** Signoff: Peregrine (Read error: Connection timed out)
^^august: i've been getting high last few days
^^august: for a change

^^august: remember like you remember me when ya first chatted?
^^august: i was always caretted
^^august: caretted?
^^august: lol
^^august: only leris would know that term
^^august: i may stop getting high for a long time soon
^^august: so why not go for broke
^^august: anyone got any high i can borrow?
^^august: :D
liqui5: so many things to get high from
liqui5: aw, i forgot to get oxygen from my grandma
liqui5: i was gonna use her machine last time i was over there
^^august: love is like .. oxygen
^^august: the more ya get, ya get too high
^^august: not enough and you
{Nn}: not enough
^^august: re
{Nn}: and you're gonna die
^^august: gonna die :(
liqui5: i dont mind being too high from love
^^august: i used to hyperventilate just for a buzz
^^august: i think that was aroun 9 yrs old
liqui5: i used to faint myself a lot in middleschool
^^august: now i just hyperventilate after long periods of sex
liqui5: probably about 12 years old
Peagreen: i have never done that
liqui5: oxygen masks while having sex would be nice
Peagreen: hyperventilate and actually get high
^^august: oh way back in the old days when i'd be greedy and snort a few more lines than i really should have of cocaine
^^august: i'd hyperventilate
{Nn}: ew creepy
^^august: yeah well
liqui5: fainting was a pertty awesome experience
liqui5: i'd dream every time
^^august: i've outgrown snorting cocaine
^^august: now i just mainline
liqui5: and have weird out-of-time episodes
^^august: lol
{Nn}: oxygen masks during sex i mean
^^august: j/k!
^^august: done that ONCE
Peagreen: nitrous and sex?
^^august: i'll be honest
^^august: mmmm never done nitrous and sex
^^august: at the same time
{Nn}: and on that note i slumber
liqui5: i just wanna try oxygen i heard it feels good
liqui5: goodnight
urge: we used to do the make-each-other-pass-out thing in about fourth grade, liqui5
liqui5: ya, i always did it to myself
urge: sometimes it was very weird
urge: well, it was always weird
liqui5: i probably fainted about 200 times
liqui5: ya, totally
urge: but sometimes it was really something else
liqui5: you'd wake up with these weird mixed emotions
urge: yeah
urge: that moment of not knowing where you were or what the hell was going on
liqui5: ya
otter: mini brain death
urge: and really you'd only been unconscious for a few seconds
^^august: yeah when i was 12 or so
^^august: just started smoking cannabis
^^august: we would inhale 10 deeeeeep breaths
^^august: take a toke on the last
urge: elevator hits!
^^august: and someone would squeeze our chest from behind
urge: actually, we called it 'elevator shotgun hits'
^^august: and most would hit the ground for a minute or so
liqui5: i fainted myself the first time i got high on cannabis
urge: because we'd have someone shotgun us a hit after the hyperventillating part
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^^august: y
^^august: then i started thinking
^^august: hey
^^august: did i have fun?/
^^august: hell I can't remember!
^^august: i would just wake up on the ground
^^august: duh
urge: yeah, that particular behaviour would quickly burn us out
^^august: but at least i was still stoned
^^august: yeah didn't need all that to get the same stoned
^^august: beyond the first two minutes i mean
^^august: lol
^^august: i dunno
^^august: back then cannabis was
^^august: more psychedelic
^^august: honestly!
Peagreen: did any of you have that thing when you first smoked cannibis
Peagreen: where you didnt get high
^^august: when "indicas" started coming around
urge: well, that comes with more infrequent use, august
Peagreen: until 1 to a few times
^^august: and then all the pot wasnt from colombia anymore
^^august: no really urge
urge: yeah, Pea
^^august: that colombian gold and redbud
liqui5: i got high the first time
^^august: it was more magical
urge: okay, aug
^^august: the skunk got me more FUCKED up
^^august: but it wasn't nearly as 'cereberal'
^^august: i used to mildly hallucinate and not so mildly when eyes closed
^^august: from that colombian weed
^^august: vibrant
^^august: things "radiated" with energy
urge: I suspect it's more related to brain chemistry, age, set/setting, etc
Peagreen: igot high the seond time
^^august: i've always wondered
^^august: urge
urge: I was trying to get my parents to explain to me how I'd know when it hit me
^^august: but i've smoked some "afghanistan" weed
urge: and then it hit me
liqui5: my friend took 4.5 grams of potent cubensis and said it didnt affect him
^^august: around 1990
liqui5: while the rest of us had a pretty powerful experience
^^august: and it was like 1979 all over again
urge: well, I know there are different effects from different strains
^^august: that psychedelic aspect was there
urge: yeah, see, I started right around 79 as wel

urge: l
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*** Signoff: KlkHmwk (Excess Flood)
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*** Signoff: psilo (Read error: Connection timed out)
liqui5: there goes the internet
*** fyr ( has joined channel #leri
*** Signoff: Peagreen (Read error: Connection timed out)
*** Signoff: ^^august (Read error: Connection timed out)
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*** fyr is now known as fire
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*** urge (~urge@ has joined channel #leri
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*** ^^august ( has joined channel #leri
^^august: hmm
^^august: lately sometimes i get disconnected out of the blue
^^august: and have to wait a while to get back
^^august: :(
^^august: maybe someone is kicking me?
^^august: that's pretty cool r.ginn
otter: neat idea
urge: nah, aug, there's netwide probs this evening
^^august: happened yesterday same way
urge: you got Comcast?
^^august: no
urge: seems like comcast's been having DNS issues for a couple weeks
^^august: maybe i ping through them at some point
^^august: well not ping
^^august: route
^^august: (the carets are real, so please forgive)
urge: forgive?
^^august: my caret generated errors
^^august: ;)
^^august: like ping in leiu of route
^^august: <<<< acct="104&STORY=" edate="">

Snakes On A Plane

urge: I remember back when we were joking around about it and none of us realized it was an actual movie in the works

urge: oh
urge: I haven't seen any of that
urge: then it just grew from that, becoming awesome when it became real
urge: etc
dbauler: aha!

urge: I don't remember when that was, but it was long enough ago that Drew has a cartoon about it in the 'Toothpaste For Dinner' book that was published...whenever that seems like a long time ago
urge: ah, as I suspected, that was published in Oct of last year
dbauler: so it was all a brilliant and diabolical advertising campaign.
urge: well, I think it honestly wasn't
urge: but they took advantage of it, certainly
urge: it's all been said, but they went back and did three days' filming to put in some of the things that were being talked about in all the hoohaw
urge: most famously the line where SLJ says "motherfucking snakes on a motherfucking plane"
urge: that wasn't originally in the movie
urge: they went back and put it in
dbauler: weeeeird.
urge: by late last year people were already grumbling about being tired of all this snakes on a plane shit
urge: which is what's in Drew's cartoon
urge: anyway, I gotta go pretend to sleep for a couple hours, anyway
dbauler: agreed. g'night, rj.
urge: goodnight

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


Is Burning Man Really a Cult?

Is this really a peaceful celebration of freedom and art? Some at Burning Man still cling to this innocent, though naive, idea.

Little do the hardcore participants realize that in the past few years, Burning Man has morphed into much more than just an orgasmic week of sex, drugs, and music. Some would even go so far as to call this gathering a cult.

The dictionary describes a cult as a "devoted attachment to, or extravagant admiration for a person, principle, etc." An auxiliary to many cults is to create a utopian society, where the chosen have the riches of others bestowed upon them. In many cases, those utopian visions shatter into totalitarian societies.

Let's start with the riches. In order to attend, one must first pay anywhere from $100 to $250. And what do you get for your money? Nothing! Oh yeah, you get to pay for the privilege of camping out on a dusty desert floor, keeping your vehicle parked for about a week, on it's way to becoming permanently ruined with acidic playa dust. You have to spend even more money on food, water, camping gear, gas, costumes, trinkets, and other items to prove that you're a "participant." You get to subject yourself to the sometimes brutal and always unpredictable conditions of the weather and terrain that is the Black Rock Desert. On top of all this, there is an implied requirement to participate in the events planned by the Burning Man organization, or risk being labeled a "yahoo."

Often, you're asked to be a "volunteer." And, as in a cult, you are given a position within a carefully-structured hierarchy. Training sessions on how to be a good volunteer are required in a thinly-veiled attempt to make you into yet another drone, void of any free thought. If you are a "good" volunteer you may be rewarded with a promotion where you are then allowed to look down upon even more people than you did previously. One of the first volunteer jobs for many is becoming a "Greeter" at the main gate. A seemingly innocent job, but in reality, you are putting up a front for the thousands of others simply following in your footsteps.

Next thing you know you're a "Lamplighter," or perhaps you're training to move up in the ranks to become a "Ranger." Of course there is little compensation or thanks for volunteers, and they're constantly kept busy, so as not to notice the other experiences participants are having.

Lies are told to volunteers, participants, and the media alike. The Burning Man organization writes their own copy for the media, which allows them to selectively disseminate the "facts" as they see fit. For example, this year, it was widely-reported that Black Rock City would be back at the "12 mile" mark. Only after most everyone had already purchased their tickets did they inform us that we would be relatively at the same place as last year. Here comes another train.

In fact, many aspects of The Burning Man organization are troubling and dangerous. Inner members have their own set of terms and slang that set them apart from others, just as in some cults. The organization as a whole always seems to be in a state of confusion, which is to the benefit of their leading force. If they are always kept busy, even though confused, they don't have time to rise and revolt. In addition, many members of the organization have practically committed their lives (and their livelihood) to Burning Man. They live each day in anticipation and preparation for the next year's event.

And finally, there is the ritual. The central focus each year is the burning of a larger-than-life idol of a man, which is filled with explosives, insuring a dramatic spectacle to behold. On the night of the burn, everyone is summoned to the "idol" to observe and pay homage, as it is ritualistically set on fire. Many participants become so overcome with emotion and, dare I say, devotion, that they run in and through the fire, risking serious injury. Many "participants" appear to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol — or perhaps some other subtle form of mind control.

So what's to be done here in "Harveytown"? Are forced labor and spiked Kool-Aid just around the corner, as well as a new fleet of Rolls-Royces for Larry? The only solution to this grave situation is to start within. Our humble suggestion is to install cameras everywhere, to capture our "community" for the whole world to see. We also feel very strongly that the entire city needs to be fully informed of each and every decision wagered by the Burning Man organization, and that everything should be taken to a citizen vote. We built this city with our sweat, imagination, strength, money, an — let's not forget — art. That's what it's all supposed to be about. So, volunteer, and help organize, but resist the temptation to follow. This cult can be prevented.

Further Proof There Is No God

Dear Ben

I couldn't figure out this tribe thing how to post private so I hope nowun else reads this.

So like, I think it is stupid that you have this anti bruning man tribe, BENNY DEAR. Ur kinda hawt though. So like I will ResP3ct yoo. But this must be put to an end. We Burners are true to our nature. We like the playa and the playa likes us and we like to get nekked in the alkaline dust, rub our parts in it and screw eachother while munching LSD. And that is bad why exactly?!?!! Omfg lol. Reckless hedonism is not bad, geesus. Screw community work, I hate local people here, cuz they like don't know shit about our ways.

I think you don't like understand how deep we go, what you can't fathom you resent. I think you anti burners tribe members are evildoers. Us burning manners got depth and trueness. So there. And don't bother calling me a troll, cuz I aint. So you know. I'd still like to date you though.

P.S. I don't like your bad attitude towards pitbulls, they got feelings too.

To be continued...

Poor Rain

rain: owie owie owie owie owie rain: ow goddamnit ow

  1. rain: fucking ow

stalkwrk: ?!
rain: i stubbed my toe
rain: it stopped hurting
stalkwrk: that is good
rain: yer tellin me
otter: my neighbor died from a stubbed toe, got a staph infection rain: um
rain: i somehow doubt the same will happen to me
otter: i doubt it also
wonderama: cut it off
wonderama: just to be sure
otter: it's the open wound that does it
otter: like cutting a hole out of a blanket
rain: wonderama, will do otter: where do you stop? rain: can i shower first?

jonnyfive: and eat it to hide the evidence

  1. otter: cook it well

rain: so i am at least cutting off a clean toe
wonderama: that's probably a good idea

jonnyfive: yeah you want to kill the infection, so I recommend deep frying

rain: cool
wonderama: when in doubt, amputate
wonderama: that's what i always say
rain: that's a pretty solid game plan
wonderama: i think so
jonnyfive: works for gonnorrhea too, boys

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Jonnyfive: Its *Always* Bowl Smokin Time!

gyesika: hey, if you barf as i much i do, you get proud of not making a mess at work
gyesika: just sayin'
gyesika: i think it's funny that stain remover commercials casually mention "blood"
gyesika: like we don't know that they're talking about shhhhhh menstrual blood
yara: or say that time i sliced open my finger in the kitchen and got it all over my white t-shirt
yara: shh! abby's a klutz & needs stain remover!
rain: or like when you slaughter that family of 5 with a hunting knife, then realize afterwards you did so in your only nice shirt
gyesika: you know we're talking about that only women have
yara: i hate when that happens, barb. brains are so hard to get out!
yara: there's an audiobook of james earl jones reading the bible
rain: yeah no kidding
rain: you gotta get it before it sets too
rain: and before the cops come a knockin on your door

yara: now, while i'm not much of a bible fan, i would think that james earl jones reading it would scare the crap out of me
benson: I just rub a couple pages of the bible on the stain. removes brains fast!
rain: god is better than oxyclean!
benson: he's orthodoxyclean!
jonnyfive: heh does he say: "jesus, I *am* your fah-thuh"

jonnyfive: heh
benson: President Ford hospitalized for third time this year
gyesika: i would take some james earl jones to clean out my faith, rowr
benson: that's weird, I just realized last night I wasn't sure if he was alive or dead
benson: German authorities watching Madonna
GuruStu: It's good someone is.
jonnyfive: heh

rain: i wonder if it's bowl smokin time
gyesika: it's time for me to smoke a bowl and explore my faith
jonnyfive: its *always* bowl smokin time!

Tuscan Whole Milk

Webcam Link


The camera is directly below the MacDonald's sign, to the left of 47th Street Digital.

The President of the United States gets his jollies masturbating horses

Quotations from Phelps' Sermons

These quotes came from an audio file of sermon clips on[12]

  • "America is doomed and cursed by God irreversibly".
  • "It's too late to pray for America. It's a sin to pray for America".
  • "[Hurricane] Rita is an answer to the prayers of the suffering saints of Westboro Baptist Church". (Hurricane Katrina has also been cited on other sources)
  • "The Lord God Almighty killed [the people who died on 9/11], looked at them in the face, laughed and mocked at each one of them as he cast each one of them into hell".
  • "Nobody that's intelligent and that fears God will fly the American flag any way but upside-down, the international symbol of distress".
  • "All ye having business before this honorable [Supreme] Court draw nigh, give your attention and ye shall be heard. No, no. Draw nigh and bend over. They're gonna rape you up the butt".
  • "The President of the United States gets his jollies masturbating horses". (This was a reference to Laura Bush's recollection of her husband's attempt to milk a male horse[13]).
  • "The hell with your flag. The hell with your fag army, your fag courts, your fag-run government".
  • "This is the hypocritical, fag-infested, fag-run United States of America and we're supposed to respect that fag rag flag?"
  • "The red on that flag stands for fag rectal blood".
  • "On Pope John Paul II's watch, the Catholic Church became the church of the holy pedophiles. And sodomite feces replaced the wafer for their communion service. And Sodomite semen replaced the wine that the Pope drinks".
  • "1.07 billion members of that monstrous machine called the Roman Catholic Church. Every last one of them going to hell".

Informative headline: Man hit in head by train is dead

august: i wondered if he survived or not
bnsnwork: The railroad workers said it appeared that Dodd had his head on the rail, using it as a pillow.
bnsnwork: In November 1999, Dodd fell asleep on railroad tracks just north of 19th Street and North Grand Avenue and was hit by a Norfolk Southern train. Police said he was sleeping with his legs across the tracks and that the train pushed him to the side when it hit him. He suffered a compound fracture to one leg and a cut to the other.
bnsnwork: Three other local residents have been injured by trains in just over a week.
august: to lay me down
august: once more
bnsnwork: On the 17th May 2006 we received a letter from legal representatives of Viacom International Inc. advising us that they consider the use of 'Pimp My Snack' to be a breach of their trademark application number E4279493 which covers usage of the words 'Pimp My', and also E3992724 for 'Pimp My Ride'.
*** Signoff: jer_vwrk (Quit: liveSupport (Ping timeout))
[eg]_: Williamson said there is no rhyme or reason to the recent rash of incidents involving trains and pedestrians.
[eg]_: yes there is. the people are idiots.

Steve Pham hated Cheerios because they never give out toy prizes.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Uniform Resource Locators

urge: maybe I just will

Log file opened at: 6/29/06 12:00:18 AM

urge: reversible pouch!
urge: this evening Berkeley and I watched disc1 of "The Matrix DeZIONized"
urge: all-in-all, not bad
dbauler: what's the difference (besides the obvious)?
urge: a bit choppy at a few points, but I'm not too snobby
urge: well, just lots of fat chopped out
urge: the makers took the two sequels, chopped out the whole Zion thing and the four hour megabattle, edited the results into a single film
urge: they chopped out about 90mins total
dbauler: that's good thinking.
urge: I'll hold any final judgement until after we watch disc2, but the first part was satisfactorily unsucky
urge: yeah
dbauler: it has to be an improvement.
urge: yeah, well, I really did like the initial Matrix film
urge: and so wanted to like the sequels
urge: I pushed myself through the first sequel; but the last one was just too fucking much, no matter how hard I tried to shoehorn my skull into it
dbauler: i still haven't seen that third one. i just can't do it.
urge: yeah, probably best
urge: I watched the third one with some dim hope it might make the second one be okay
urge: also, do you think it's best to expect 'A Scanner Darkly' to suck ass?
urge: maybe I just will

Hankwk: yeah, nancy, it works out ;]

bnsnwork: JUSTICE Minister Cathy Jamieson today announced a ban on the sale of swords as part of moves to crackdown on violent crime.
bnsnwork: Tougher restrictions over the sale of non-domestic knives are also to be introduced as part of the Scottish Executive's plan to combat knife culture, ust weeks after a nationwide amnesty saw almost 13,000 knives and other weapons surrendered across Scotland.

{Nn} high fives hank
{Nn}: in my case it's just genetic destiny. my dad was born in the midwest, my mother's a southern gal
hankwk: where are you from?
{Nn}: born in virginia, raised there, n. carolina, kentucky and texas
{Nn}: my adult life's been in new york and washington state
hankwk: where in virginia?
{Nn}: portsmouth
{Nn}: the tidewater area, generally
hankwk: ah
{Nn}: southeastern VA
hankwk: a little blue blood
{Nn}: heh
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*** Signoff: bnsnwork (Quit: bbl)
*** Signoff: alex (Read error: Connection timed out)
*** Signoff: hankwk ()
*** yara ( has joined channel #leri

^smuggie: had a WEIRD laugh

elf: given that iran has already stated that they would use hizbollah against israel if their nuclear program was threatened, as previously stated.
elf: more or less, earth.
earth: so it is all just whatever you think out the outset
earth: ok, this conversation is done.
earth: thanks for playing

elf: no, im saying theres no way to tell in the long run until its all played out.
elf: which hopefully it will be soon.
earth: all?
earth: right, but if not "soon"
elf: well, until theres a lasting peace.
elf: it is what we pray for every day, isnt it?
earth: right, and if there's no lasting peace...
elf: then all of everyones lives are meaningless to begin with. :)
elf: thats quasicynical, for those unable to tell.
earth: Israel didn't have to make a war out of this, you must see that.
elf: what choice did it have?
earth: they could have taken a vacation in Cypress.
elf: who could have?
earth: everyone!
elf: amusing, but not amusing enough.
earth: the cabinet could have dissolved the government and given itself over to Jordan.
elf: hizbollah crossed an international border. invaded another country. bombed the fuck out of it.
earth: hey, they had notice that Hezbollah didn't like them.
earth: they didn't "bomb the fuck out of it" until the war started.
elf: well, israel followed their end of 1599.
elf: actually, they started bombing the fuck out of it before israel started bombing them, but whatever.
elf: there was clear causus belli 1500X over.
earth: again, I don't want you to think there's anyone here arguing that Hezbollah is reasonable. that cannot be the benchmark for goodness.
elf: what is the benchmark for goodness?
db: puppies!
earth: puppies are ok.

elf: is allowing your own people to be threatened and killed without reason or provocation good?
elf: or reasonable, for that matter?
earth: I think that's a good question. Threatened.. well, maybe. I think clearly "restraint" is a virtue, whatever that means.
elf: hizbollah crossed an international border, without provocation, to kill people.
earth: right, bad folks.
elf: and then started sending mortars at cities.
elf: well, rockets. not mortars. slightly worse.
elf: more than slightly, cause israeli construction is such that its usually mortar resistant.
elf: but thats irrelevant.
elf: is it reasonable or good in any way to allow your citizens to be indiscriminately attacked without provocation?
db: obviously!
earth: yes, clearly.
elf: israel has actually had a very peaceful border with lebanon for around 10 years.
elf: until this.
elf: i mean, i even visited the border when i was there. its actually a nice area. has good trees.
elf: the lebanese were very nice to us.
elf shrugs.
elf: you should sit in on israeli-lebanese chats sometime.
*** [smuggie] is now known as smuggie
*** smuggie is now known as ^smuggie

elf: yay, caret!
earth: I very much hope that Lebanon is able to take control of its borders.
^smuggie: i knew a lebanese woman who converted to xianity and was absolutely two faced manipulative had bats loose in the attic
elf: so does israel.
earth: I hope that Israel is successful in getting that to happen
elf: desparately.
elf: israel wants more than anything for lebanon to control lebanon.
^smuggie: black hair
earth: right, but the issue is not whether that's a good idea, but instead whether this bombing is likely to make that happen.
elf: all of the analysis articles in jpost talk about this.
^smuggie: came to work with paint in her hair one day
earth: hopefully it will
^smuggie: little specks of paint
elf: well, with hizbollah's political base weakened, people in lebanon have been more outspoken against hizbollah.
elf: so thats already a good thing.
^smuggie: had a WEIRD laugh

--> [s] there are meteor showers tonight?

--> [s] there are meteor showers tonight?
*[s]* give me time to think about that
*[s]* perseid tonight
*[s]* all week, this is one of the peak nights

gyesika: and dennis leary is starting to piss me off.
gyesika: he's gone soft
*** [smuggie] ( has joined channel #leri
*[s]* i dunno if its different for you, but here it comes from the northeast
--> [s] have you been viligently checking? (Persids)
*[s]* which makes sense since thats where perseus is
*[s]* no
*[s]* i should go look
--> [s] yes they come from the east
*[s]* northeast
--> [s] there are tons of satellites now also
--> [s] tons, virtually
benson: I'm kind of intrigued by the idea of a shatner roast
[smuggie]: link tv has some decent brazilian pop
*** [smuggie] is now known as smuggie
gyesika: me too, benson
smuggie: roast captain kirk?
gyesika: we went to ta brazilian cafe this morning near our house.

*[s]* litterally!
*[s]* ill be taking them out eventually
gyesika: they had brazilian grocercies, movies and music
gyesika: some of it looked good
*[s]* you know, i have a lot less hope to go to mars successefully than i used to
gyesika: but the cd with the dude with a rainbow wig scared me
*[s]* see the problem is that even if i get the engine working...
smuggie: sort of a fast calypso drum background on some of it
*[s]* if i can do that, someone else will
stevie: I'm kind of curious about their guarana soda
*[s]* so the only thing i could do is hope to get enough people there to form a government and colonies to get as large as possible quickly enough so that the earth powers coudlnt overthrow us easily
*[s]* and that aint gonna happen
*[s]* cause then id have to just open the flood gates and let just anyone in
*[s]* and i was planning on doing heavy psych screening
--> [s] you are so sure of this?
*[s]* what?
smuggie: the soccer motif pops up now and then on the brazilian 'chant 'rock' '
*[s]* that earth wont let its children go that easily?
*[s]* yea
--> [s] not being able to get the engine working...
*[s]* oh, well i dont spend an inordinate amount of time thinking about it
*[s]* but i have a viable plan to test it
--> [s] of course, there is the morphic field you must be aware of
*[s]* morphic field?
*[s]* im sure the concept for hte engine will work
gyesika: i don't know what a "guarana" is but I think I had an "experimental experiance" with one in college (her name was Amanda).
*[s]* whether i can make it or not is a problem
smuggie: its a natural source of caffeine, is likely
gyesika: not the guarana but who it was attached to
*[s]* and whether it can be made by anyone in an efficient enough form to be usefull is another question.
--> [s] yes, you must be aware of the morphic field, especially when setting up a colonhy
*[s]* the physical principle for how the engine works is sound
*[s]* group dynamics and evolution?
smuggie: so is it worth learning spanish
--> [s] yuppers
*[s]* its not going to be a free colony
smuggie: so you can read all that esoteric spanish literature
*[s]* i plan on doing heavy psych screening
stevie: portuguese
gyesika: pourtugese
stevie: jinx!
gyesika: and they have classes at the cafe
*[s]* and if i can get away with it, first gen people wont raise their own kids
smuggie: why portuguese
stevie: buy me a watermelon screwdriver!
gyesika: we're joined at the fucking brain, stevie, jinx isn't an option any more
gyesika: heh
*[s]* that way we can eliminate people bringing their own cultures with them
gyesika: i did, dude
smuggie: oh thats the brazilian language
gyesika: the portus colonized brazil

*[s]* kind of a kibutz type schooling system with the emphasis based on producing a uniform mentality culture out of the mish mash of immigrants
*[s]* then the first or second geners can raise their own kids
*[s]* as they will have no memory of earth
--> [s] why not just brainwash?
*[s]* duh, i think i just said that
*[s]* and
*[s]* there is a difference slightly
--> [s] avoid a lot of problems
*[s]* well the similarities are close but there are some crucial differences
smuggie: very few portuguese people are moving here though
*[s]* and
gyesika: you had the clean glass when we came home
--> [s] you said "psych screening"
*[s]* when you can accurately explain two or three things to me
*[s]* yea
*[s]* psych screening
gyesika: in the freezer

Uniform Resource Locators